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The Viking SATCOM De-icing system consists of a factory pre-wired control unit, heater pads for reflector coverage, and a feedhorn heater. All systems are engineered to be easily assembled, installed and operated.

The control unit has three modes of operation: Automatic, Manual Off and Manual On. The Automatic mode allows the control to monitor the ambient temperature and sense the presence of moisture. An ambient temperature of less than 40 degrees F and the presence of moisture activate a heater contactor. The heater contactor is rated up to 50 amps. The heaters will remain on for a factory preset time of one hour longer than conditions warrant. The Manual Off mode turns the heaters off, regardless of the weather conditions. The Manual On mode turns the heaters on, regardless of the weather conditions. Control units are factory preset to operate on 120 to 240 volts, single or three phase power. All cabling to attach the heater pads is factory pre-wired. The larger systems have a control unit with remote moisture sensor.