double ridge waveguide core

Double Ridge Flex-Twist Waveguide Core

Double ridge waveguide core is manufactured by subjecting conventional rectangular flex twist waveguide core to a secondary pressing operation to create the characteristic โ€˜figure 8โ€™ cross section.

Rectangular Flex-Twist Waveguide Core

Flex / twist waveguide core starts life as spool of 0.1mm thick silver plated brass strip. The strip is then precision rolled into a three dimensional profile before being helically wound around a rotating mandrel to form a continuous rectangular tube with uniform cross section and internal silver plating to minimize loss.

Rectangular Seamless Waveguide Core

Seamless flexible waveguide is manufactured from a thin-walled brass tube which is mechanically manipulated into a corrugated form to produce a seamless flexible waveguide. The seamless construction generally allows for greater power & pressure handling although, due to the nature of the construction process, length is limited to 1 meter. Seamless core is offered un-plated as standard with the option of internal silver plating if required.